WikiLeaks+Interwebs+religious/economic feudalism = REVOLT! Technolution!

Very quick post today. I’m going to rant on technology and revolution. Technolution!

I find it fascinating to see how Middle East countries are using the internet (spurred by the WikiLeaks pieces that added some fuel to the fire) to catch up to the modern world.

Twitter, FaceBook, et al are accessible and virtually omnipresent in the palms of our hands, and the ability for despots to control the flow of information in their own countries is becoming increasingly impossible. Truth hurts the corrupt. When the machine becomes visible, those who lubricate it with their blood are less likely to line up offering a donation. Oh shit, I’m beginning to sound like Marx. What he didn’t consider in his Theory of Surplus Value is how important technology could be as the poor realize their position through the free flow of information. This is a revolution few saw coming. It’s tech/socialism/populism. He who can rattle sabres in the street loud enough are worthy for a post in the new government! Scary and fabulous stuff. And can you imagine the conversations happening right now in China? North Korea is fairly safe without electricity.

Multi-cultural literacy and a broad, worldly education has never been the strong suit of Muslim countries. Many are trying very hard to stay in the 12th Century, knowing that a modern perspective will certainly suck the soul right out of fundamental Islam just as it has to fundamental religion in most parts of the educated world. Certainly the facts exist that atheism rates increase with the level of education in the individual, with a full 90% of the American Academy of Sciences declaring themselves either non-believers or not religious. Perhaps Europe did a better job of exploiting the printing press and launching a renaissance, even though the Arabic world was the beginning of most of astronomy, science, math and culture. We took over in the 16th Century, they stuck their heads in the sand, and the leaders took advantage of a Submissive (Qu’ran stresses submission above all else) and ignorant population to feed their obscenely large fortunes, and ironically, western debauchery to match.

You think WikiLeaks telling the world that Qaddafi goes nowhere without his ‘bombshell’ Nordic nurse didn’t have an effect?

The head of the Middle Eastern world is emerging from the political sand to make a statement for the future. My next question is will that temper the fundamental instinct of Islam, or launch a new wave of Islamic Republics that will shift power from corrupt politicians to corrupt Imams.

The secularization of the Islamic world will happen. It seems the pious and submissive ignored the transfer of information spurred by Gutenberg–but it is becoming clear that the internet will change all cultures in a way that will make the printing press seem insignificant.

Moving these countries from despotic and self-serving monarchies and what I call economic and religious feudalism into a modern world will take more than a baseball bat and a cell phone. Look what happened to Russia when they tried to move from feudalism into a more modern (some would say premature) socialist state. I, for one, am thrilled to watch this play out on the world stage. I think of the timeless wisdom of Parliament/Funkadelic at times like these: ‘Free Your Mind, and Your Ass Will Follow.’ In the terms of the Middle East I hope this can be modified to read: ‘Free Your Country and Fundamentalism Will Seem Less Attractive’. You’ll rarely meet a happy, well-adjusted fundamentalist, unless its the guy at the top who’s banking the tithes and the taxes. Information and education are the only currencies that pay for the future, and both combat fundamentalism with brutal efficiency.

The Revolution will not only be televised, it will play on our phones and our computers, and it has already toppled regimes.

Let’s hope the web will tame fundamentalism wherever it rears it’s ugly head, political, religious, ideological, intellectual.

For it is fundamentalism, itself (not the philosophy driving it), that is the most insidious force in the Universe.


One Response to “WikiLeaks+Interwebs+religious/economic feudalism = REVOLT! Technolution!”

  1. This is fantastic! This needs to be on the Daily Beast or Huffpost.

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