Golf is a Hunting/Gathering Simulation

I was out golfing last week and I came to an odd revelation. Golf is a simulation of classic human/early primate hunting/gathering.

Besides being invented by bored shepherds in Scotland, golf is a perfect simulator to help us practice hunting/gathering skills lost Millennia ago:

1) We go to a high viewing point and put a ball down and whack it. The simulation has bgun!

2) We carry a bag of weapons (clubs) a few hundred yards away, put down the bag, search frantically for our quarry (with a club in hand), and after we find it, we whack it with a club. Club goes in the bag and off we go, walking again to find our quarry.

3) We scan the horizon, the bushes, the grasslands, even the water for signs of our quarry, and when we think we see it we reach for the weapon to strike it.

4) Golf allows us to practice every aspect of the hunt: preparation, weapons practice, the hunt for quarry, the striking of quarry, the retrieval of quarry, the shit-talking between the striking and the retrieval, and of course the walk between strikes and retrieval is pure human exercise: weight bearing, mind-sharpening (using all senses).

My final summation is that golf, at least when walked, is about the best hunter/gatherer simulation a human can participate in. A 4-5 mile walk with about 100 weapon strikes. Good exercise and it informs our ancient warrior.

What do you think?


3 Responses to “Golf is a Hunting/Gathering Simulation”

  1. 100 weapon strikes!??!?!! We are playing strokes next time! :o)

  2. Love this article!

    Taken one step further….golf can be a fantastic place to hunt and gather LOVE!

    I met my soul mate on the golf course!


  3. ned ohamilli Says:

    great ,but theres also the obvious phalic thing going on ,sticks and balls and all that and holes to boot

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